Naamkarann 10th November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Neel loses his cool when Vidyut compliments Avni’s beauty

Naamkarann starts with Neel(Zain Imam) losing his cool after Vidyut comments on Avni’s (Aditi Rathore) beauty. Neel tells Vidyut that he does not want to stand there listening to his crap anymore and walks out of the house followed by Avni. Avni tries to calm him and tells him that Vidyut was actually trying to instigate him and nothing else. Neel says he could not stand watching as Vidyut misbehaved with her and also he cannot forget what the man did to Mishti. Later at home Neel announces that they must be very careful from now on and they have to send Mishti away with Juhi to Canada at the earliest. Mishti listens to this conversation. Neel recieves a call and go away. Avni and Shweta with Neela and Bebe help Juhi pack for Canada. They pack Mishti’s bag with all the stuff she needs and also some of Neel’s childhood sweaters. Avni offers to help Juhi too pack but suddenly she drops Juhi’s bag and out of it comes Neel’s pictures with her. The lasies standing around are taken aback and Avni becomes awkward as she returns the pictures to Juhi and goes off.(Also Read: Avneel get intimate but are interrupted by Vidyut)


Avni tries to get Mishti to open her door but the little girl seems very upset. Avni understands that Mishto does not want to go away. She tries to amke her talk and after a while she does open her door and hugs Avni even as Juhi tries to move to her. Juhi gets sad watching this. Mishti says she does not want to go away from Avni she says that Juhi is not her friend and that she cannot be separated from her angel. Neel sist waiting for Ragini and Vidyut who walk into his trap. Neel arrests Ragini on charges of running away from prison and also killing Juhi and a nurse. Neel arrests also Vidyut on charges of trying to shelter a criminal. Neel tells Vidyut that he has planted a micro phone on him as he was busy trying to sneak into Khanna house. Ali informs the family and Avni that Ragini and Vidyut have been arrested. Ali feeds them sweets. Ali guesses that something serious is going on and asks Bebe. Bebe tells him that they have been trying to get Mishti close to Juhi but Mishti seems to be the closest to Avni and does not entertain Juhi at all. Neel allows Vidyut to call his lawyer. Later Vidyut instigates Neel saying he has all the power of a cop yet he has to use his wife to nab criminals. He once again talks of Avni being very beautiful. Neel once again lashes out at Vidyut.

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